Suspension Service in Tulsa, OK

Suspension Service at Bob Moore CDJR Tulsa

When you’re driving down a bumpy road, you may notice how your vehicle works to keep itself steady on the road. You can thank its suspension system for minimizing turbulence and providing a smooth ride. To ensure that your suspension system stays in great shape, you’ll want to take it in for routine suspension service. You can schedule suspension service near San Springs and Jenks at Bob Moore Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK.

How The Suspension System Works

There’s a variety of parts that make up the suspension system, such as sway bars, dampers, struts, and springs. The suspension system is located on the chassis of your vehicle and its job is to keep your vehicle’s wheels on the ground and your vehicle stable. It’s also there to keep your vehicle balanced, especially when you take sharp turns. Overall, your vehicle’s suspension is an extremely important system that contributes greatly to your safety out on the road.

How To Know When You Need Suspension Service

Many drivers know how often their vehicle needs an oil change, but it’s also important to know when it’s time for routine suspension service. You’ll want to make sure that your suspension system is taken care of so you can drive with peace of mind. If there is a problem with your suspension, you may notice a few signs that indicate it’s time for suspension service.

What To Look for As You Drive

  • Your vehicle pulls to one side: If you notice that your vehicle is pulling or leaning to one side while driving and/or braking, this could be a sign of a problem with your suspension system.
  • A squeaking sound: If you notice a squeaking noise when you take a turn or press on the brakes, it could also be a result of a suspension issue.
  • A rough/bumpy ride: Since the suspension system works to absorb shock and create a smooth ride, damage to the suspension system often results in an unusual drifting, swaying, and/or bouncing when you drive.

Signs You May Notice While Looking at Your Vehicle

  • Your vehicle sits lower on one corner: By looking at your vehicle from the outside, you may notice that one corner sits lower than the others. This is often a result of a broken spring.
  • Uneven wear on your tires: If your vehicle has a suspension problem that causes it to become unbalanced, your tires may wear unevenly.
  • Grease on your vehicle’s shocks

It’s important to remember that a change in your vehicle’s performance or appearance could be caused by several different issues. That’s why it’s very important to take your vehicle to a professional like one of our service technicians as soon as you notice a change. These signs of suspension damage could be a result of a different problem, so you’ll want to get it diagnosed as soon as possible by scheduling an inspection. Also, damage to your vehicle may not have any signs at all until the problem is much larger. With routine maintenance, you can avoid hidden problems by having a professional check the condition of your vehicle on a regular basis.

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